Dantes Outlook Market Podcast

Managing Volatility And Protecting The Financial System

Episode Summary

On this month’s episode, we’re talking about volatility. Amidst a global pandemic, US elections, and Brexit wrangling, traders and investors are in for a wild Q4. And with extreme price moves becoming more common, the global financial system is increasingly at risk of rising trader defaults. But there's a way to balance risk and reward without excessive losses. Robert Krause, chairman and CEO of Demand Derivatives joined the podcast to discuss the mechanics of his unique volatility instruments. Demand Derivatives is a futures exchange and clearing house trading the world’s major asset classes in a creative new way. We discussed his instrument designs, pioneering blockchain technology, instant clearing, and default-free, fully collateralized positions that will challenge existing exchanges and clearing houses.

Episode Notes

Dantes Outlook provides portfolio advisory and trading strategies. On this podcast, we'll interview investment professionals. Our goal is to help both individuals and institutions realize global market opportunities and the factors that drive them. 


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